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17.08.2022 – 24.08.2022
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At the ArlBerglife Holiday Resort in Pettneu, we combine three holiday worlds into one unique whole. You might want a leisurely camping holiday amid a wonderful mountain landscape, chill out in one of the stylish apartments and studios in the ArlBerglife Residence (located beside the campsite), or enjoy a luxurious break in one of our 60square Lodges with an Alpine hut vibe. Now all you have to do is decide. Sorry, we can't help you there.

Join us on the Arlberg for your bespoke holiday - let it be totally to your taste.

Hosts with
heart and soul.

Family-run. Close to nature.

Special things come out of a good idea, a vision and above all boundless passion. This is exactly how the ArlBerglife Holiday Resort in Pettneu originated.

Our story started more than 20 years ago with our well-appointed campsite. In 2014, stylish apartments and studios were built to form the ArlBerglife Residence, and then later on, with the construction of our 60square Lodges, we have been able to realise a long-cherished dream. Over the years, the ArlBerglife Holiday Resort has developed into a unique hideaway for our guests - it is the realization of our dream project.

The family

Manuela and Alexander Gröbner have made the holiday resort into what it is today and are the inspirational figures behind the resort.

Alexander, passionate athlete, approved ski instructor and mountain guide, keeps a close eye on comings and goings and ensures that everyone enjoy a carefree holiday. Manuela is the family’s creative spirit. Not only do the architectural ideas originate from her, with her loving attention to detail and the sensitivity for colours and fabrics, she also bestows on every room a pleasant ambience. The two are supported by their daughter Robina. Since graduating from university, she has been an important part of the family business and is the next generation who already has many visions for the future.